My Favorite Reading Resources

The other day it struck me that I am really attached to specific resources when it comes to reading and writing information, so I have decided to share some of the different things I find helpful when looking for the next perfect read. Whether you’re searching for your next story, or you’re looking for an alternative ways to access your reads, I hope this helps!

No Thanks We’re Booked Podcast: This is a wonderful resource for finding your next favorite book, and it’s a fun listen. Mollie and Katie are passionate, bookish hosts that cover everything from literary fiction, nonfiction, fantasy, historical fiction, classics, middle grade reads, you name it. This is definitely one of my favorite place to go to keep up with new releases of the year. Along with their podcast these ladies also have their own sites where they share book lists, personal favorites, and much more.


Life Between Words

Mollie Reads

Library: I always kind of knew that you could download ebooks and audiobooks from your public library as long as you have a library card, but I had never actually tried it. Now, I can’t stop searching for all of the books that I was going to buy on Kindle, and I have access to them for free. Most libraries allow you to download any available ebooks onto your Kindle account, as an Html file, or on Adobe. The best part is they just disappear from your electronic source when your rental time is up, which means no more worrying about due dates or late fees! Need I say more? App: This app is available on iPhone and Android, it includes newer audiobooks for purchase, and a huge assortment of classics for no charge. Sometimes you can even find the rare new release or short story tucked away in the free pages. This app has introduced me to so many hidden gems from the 19th and 20th centuries that I would never have known existed. The stories found here remind me of browsing my grandmothers bookshelves as a child. It is also a great resource for kids because of the wonderful assortment of children’s novels. This is my go-to app when I hunker down for a long day in the garden, or need a good road trip listen. Keep in mind, these are free recordings (mainly provided by LibriVox) and the quality is not always the best, however, it is totally worth a look.

This is the website address to give you an idea of the company and app, however, I recommend using the mobile app to browse the free books available: 


Goodreads: If you’re an avid reader, you probably know about Goodreads. If not, you should definitely check it out. Besides providing you with book details, a synopsis, and reviews, Goodreads let’s you keep track of books on different lists. You can search for all the books that you’ve read (that you can remember), would like to read, or are currently reading, and then you can assign them to their appropriately list. This is a great place to organize your reads, saving you from keeping track of all of those notebook pages and sticky notes that are scribbled with book titles.


I’d love to hear your reading resources or suggestions! Drop a comment or connect with me through the Contact tab. Happy reading:)


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