My Favorite Writing Resources

Every good writer needs some resources to look to when you hit that concrete wall of writer’s block in order to get you going again, whether it’s a resource online or in text, or some inspiration you reach to in your environment. It can also be nice to have some guidance from the pros to make sure you’re producing the best art you can. To follow up on my list of reading resources, I have compiled a short list of my go-to favorites when I need a little help flexing that writing muscle. Enjoy!


Odyssey Workshop Podcast: This podcast provides short and sweet clips from the Odyssey Workshop for writers held in New Hampshire every summer. Though it is mainly geared toward fantasy and sci fi writers, it can also be useful for basic storytelling tips and tricks for any fiction writer. Every podcast is a clip of a workshop session that is led by a variety of different published sci fi and fiction writers who talk about their processes and techniques. The speakers are knowledgeable and passionate, which always give a good flare to a podcast.

Odyssey Podcast


Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America: This organization is a gathering place for sci fi and fantasy writers, and they also have some great resources. My particular favorite is the page of fantasy worldbuilding questions. It’s a great place to get you thinking when you’re in a writing slump, and to see what questions you should be asking yourself. Another positive aspect of this resources is that it can help you determine what you need to tell your reader, for example, what they need to know about the different components of the world they are entering in order to understand your story.

Worldbuilding Questions


The Manuscript Shredder: Michele is a freelance writer that runs a website focused on writing, editing, and publishing advice. I love her NaNoWriMo guide, not just as a NaNoWriMo resources, but also as a general guide to what sections to work on in your novel and where to go go next. She also blogs about basic writing advice and approaches for all types of writers.

NaNoWriMo Guide


Plot Generator: This tool has it all, whether you want to completely start from scratch or rework an idea you already had. I like to look at their generators when I want to write but have no idea where to begin. Ideally, you’ll look at that blank page and just start building until you have something to work with. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes I need a little creativity boost, and this is one of the places go. It can be fun to mess with when beginning your story,  creating new characters, or just when you need a new view. 

Plot Generator


Enneagram Institute: Although it’s not exactly a resource created for writers, it can certainly be tool to look at for emotional characteristics and character development. The Enneagram is a representation of personality types numbered one through nine, and there is a personality test that goes with it to determine the participants number. You could take the test for your character, or  just look at the type explanations for a deeper dig into personalities. Think: how does your character handle different situations, and how do they respond to others around them?

Enneagram Types


Now Novel Blog: This blog and website cover a whole assortment of writing tips. This site is the headquarters for all things novel related, with an emphasis on fine tuning those kinks. Posts focus on developing your story, point of view,  and much more.

Now Novel

And if those aren’t enough, Now Novel has compiled a list of 151 writing resources for all types of story components, genre writing, editing, and publishing. 

151 Writing Resources


Other Fun Things

Neil Gaiman on YouTube: Neil Gaiman is featured on this Nerdist Podcast episode, offering writing advice and a Q and A session geared towards inspiring writers. It’s only about five minutes, but he touches on some grounding information that I think all writers should remember. I know I have to remind myself of this stuff constantly!

Neil Gaiman

Mollie Reads: You may recognize this name from the post on reading sources, but this is a link to her YouTube channel where she provides awesome writing advice and some great NaNoWriMo guides. She also talks about characters, dialogue, writing habits, and novel favorites, all from the perspective of an editor and book lover.

Mollie Reads


(And last but not least) Writing Tunes for Concentration and Relaxation:

Celtic music with rain

Medieval fantasy music

Rain and ambient music

Fantasy adventure with a soundtrack vibe


I hope some of these resources are helpful in your story telling journey! I would love to hear about the different resources you use when writing, techniques you love, or anything else you would like to share about your writing process! Drop a line on here or reach me through the Contact button.

Happy Writing!






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      1. janecatt

        I sure do. I’m currently writing my first novel, and I have hit several writer blocks, so, every little help is welcome. 🙂


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