Welcome to the style and pricing options for transcription services!

Standard Transcription:

Standard is the most common style of transcription and fits most needs. It includes nearly all of the spoken dialogue, but leaves out filler words, stutters, unnecessary pauses, and sounds. Standard style provides a clear representation of audio files.

Verbatim Transcription:

Verbatim style transcripts include all filler words, stutters, and pauses. This would include “uh,” “um,” “like,” etc. Sounds such as (laughing) or (coughing) are included when associated with the speakers. These words typically aren’t necessary to capture the meaning of dialogue or conversation, but this style can be useful for different situations. Someone might want to opt for a verbatim script in the instance of legal interviews, business discussions, interrogation by law enforcement, or to review interviewing techniques in order to spruce up your style.

Clean Transcription:

Clean transcription style is the where the sentences are cleaned up but the meaning of sentences and dialogue stay the same. This includes editing of grammar and sentence structure. Necessary words are omitted or moved around to provide ultimate readability. This style would be best for those that need more of a story or recap rather than documentation of every word spoken.



Basic audio file of good quality: $1.00/per minute of audio

Audio file of poor quality: $1.20/per minute of audio

*Special pricing on first hour of transcription as a new customer : $0.85/per minute of audio

Poor quality audio is defined as low speaking voices, fading in and out, background noise, and muffled audio.

Time Stamps:

Time stamps are included in all files. They are placed at approximately every 30 seconds at the beginning of sentences unless otherwise specified.  (See previous work for examples). Other options include 15 seconds, 45 seconds, 1 minute, or custom.


All audio files will be reviewed before acceptance to ensure the best fit.

Please allow for a 24 hour turn around per hour of audio.

Preferred method for payment transactions: PayPal